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Efficiency of Weblogs In Adult Literacy

Efficiency of Weblogs In Adult Literacy

                                                       By: Dr. Yosef chegini, PhD.

The 20th century witnessed the revolution of communication systems via multimedia. The changes occurred in the fields of education, training and instructional telecommunication, etc., which are far beyond the bounds of our imagination. A glance looking to the new media, internet is one of the amazing one in term of multi diversity. As a result diversity in communication, new technology provides more possibilities to meet the diverse needs of Adult literacy. The new millennium may usher in a new dimension in the use of media in literacy both to adult and children. Computer-based instruction, interactive videodisc and teleconferencing and cross-country videoconferencing are some of the possibilities for the near future. The main theme of this paper framed the assumption of the development in literacy could be effected by extension of communication. Enhancement of communication may be achieved by choosing appropriate networks and by employing the audio-visual-scrip to materials and whatever can be done by appropriate application of Weblog as a media for adult literacy.

The present article briefly attempt to explanation of three imperative questions includes: What are media, Why media, Weblog as media and How to exploit Weblogs as  media in Adult literacy effectively.

 What are Media?

Media as a concept is plural of ‘medium’. It defines ‘as the carriers of messages, from some transmitting source (which may be a human being or an inanimate object) to the receiver of message (which in our case is the learner).

In some people instructional media refer only to complex items of equipment such as television or film. Webster’s defined media as: a way of communicating with the general public; newspapers, magazines, TV, and billboards. In other sources, the concept of media identify in some different manners:


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